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Segway Battery Revival

Segway Battery Revival

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Segway Battery revival

A service that can bring your X2 and i2 batteries back to life

UK Tel :   01525 376916          Mob:   07907 136192

Please note ------> For all international orders outside UK please contact us for SHIPPING COSTS 

Tel :  (44)  01525 376916          Mob:   07907 136192


Our service - Call us

Before you purchase yet another expensive Segway battery try our battery revival service first
Not all Segway batteries are performing at their best for many reasons,
* Left for months uncharged
* Drip charging
* Left in cold  and Damp conditions for long periods of time.
* A damaged cell or group of cells.
It is possible to revive them using our unique reviver
Segway batteries are good for 10years  if they can be revived then against a new battery it is worth us seeing if we can revive them first.

Our costs

Our cost to revive each battery is £95.00 plus VAT Total £114.00
For two batteries sent to us we will give a discount of 25% off the second battery
The cost for two batteries to be revived would be...
£95.00 + £71.25 =£166.25 plus Vat. Total £199.50

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