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ATV Lifeguard and Flashing LED

ATV Lifeguard and Flashing LED

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ATV Lifeguard and Flashing LED

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Includes the revolutionary  ‘ATV LifeGuard®’, Neoprene Cover and Mounting Brackets, plus a Flashing LED light on both sides of the ‘LifeGuard®’.

Ready to mount straight onto your quad.

The ATV LifeGuard® is a a part of ourQuad Safety Equipment range. It is a flexible Quad Bike Safety Frame in the shape of a arc. The crush protection device is designed to allow space under an upturned Quad and avoid injury. The Device that mounts on the rear carrier of a quad bike (or ATV). The ATV LifeGuard® is unique in the fact that it is flexible and absorbs impact, and because of its passive nature, there is a lot less chance of injury being inflicted on the rider by the unit itself. The LifeGuard® is Award winning and a WORLD FIRST in quad bike safety – designed to save lives and prevent major injury, and it works

A Rubber Mat can be added at any time, and spare Neoprene Covers are available. Frames are available in Red or Black

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