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Shire Trekker Trike 3WD all electric Mobility scooter/Golf Scooter

Shire Trekker Trike 3WD all electric Mobility scooter/Golf Scooter

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Trekker Trike - with Golf Bag Carrier   


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Now you can drive to the golf course

                          Road legal mobility scooter

Trekker Trike - with Golf Bag Carrier

 Golf off road scooter

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The all new Trekker Trike is the mobility scooter for all roads. The AWD allows the Trekker Trike  to go on dirt roads, snow, sand or regular pavement. Range is up to 50 km . If you’re looking for an awesome 3 Wheeled Scooter, this is definitely it. The  Trekker Trike allows just about anyone to enjoy the outdoors as it was meant to. The  Trekker Trike gives you balance speed and a certain ruggedness that will turn heads when you ride by. Create your own roads and don’t let anything stop you from going where you want. Put a little bit of excitement back in to your day to day and embrace what life has to offer with the Trekker Trike 


Class 3
Speed Modes 1 4mph, 8mph, 16mph
Range 2 30 Km
Batteries 60V 32AH SLA
Motor Front & Rear wheel Drive
Two Motors
500W Rated
1500W Peak
Brakes Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Weight Capacity 150kg/24 Stone
Ground Clearance 170mm (unloaded)
Height 1150mm
Length 2000mm
Width 3 845mm
Tyres Front- 21″ x 7″ X 10″
Rear- 23″ x 7″ X 10″
Maximum 25 degrees
Seat Back Height 340mm
Seat Width 475mm



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