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GPS Tracker - S16L - 4G Wireless Magnetic GPS Tracker For Asset With Long Life Battery

GPS Tracker - S16L - 4G Wireless Magnetic GPS Tracker For Asset With Long Life Battery

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Fully set up - ready to go - JUST ADD POWER

Full Instructions included in the box - No wiring required 

UK only  - £200 per year / £16.66 per month

please contact us so that we can ADD you to the Tracking system for your FREE user id and password

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Assembled in the UK           

Delivered with a UK sim card

comes with FREE web platform  - --- > now  in 13 languages


For - Desktop / Laptop / IOS / Android / Personal / Fleet

  Get the     WhatsGPS     app - available on both app stores



For - Desktop / Laptop / Personal


For - Desktop / Laptop / Fleet


Delivered with a sim card

With sim    (UK ONLY SIM)     

If you require this option please contact us so that we can ADD you to the Tracking system for your user id and password


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 Tel :  (44)  01525 376916     

 Mob:   07907 136192

Whatsapp: +44 7907 136192

The S16L 4G GPS tracker for trailers and equipment comes with a rechargeable long-life battery (high-temperature-resistant safety explosion-proof type rechargeable lithium cobalt acid battery). With this tracker, you can set up multiple security, tracking, surveillance, emergency alerts, and administration functions easily.

S16L working equipment GPS tracker has an intelligent power-saving mode based on sensor design, supports flexible switching of multiple working modes, and can be used in many different applications. Moreover, the SIM card can be inserted and used, and this tracking device for trailers will not leak electricity even without the SIM card.

S16L positioning terminal is based on 4G communication technology. This mini GPS tracking equipment adopts an AT6558R chip, and it has the characteristics of stable communication, high positioning accuracy, low static drift, and low power consumption.

The 4G wireless tracking device also supports satellite positioning, BeiDou positioning, and single-base station and multi-base station positioning modes.

It has a reset button so this equipment tracking device can be restarted without disassembling. This GPS tracker is easy to use. Simply open the SIM card waterproof cover and insert the SIM card in the direction shown in the figure.

After inserting the SIM card into the device, press and hold the power button to turn on the device. After inserting the card, install the SIM card cover, log in through the APP or platform, and check the location.

With no light and no noise, you’ll be able to quietly and covertly monitor what’s going on around this small magnetic tracker device.

Other features of this wireless GPS tracker for trailers include:

Support remote monitoring and automatic recording
Support blind spot retransmission
Support driving behavior analysis, support speeding alarm
Support single-fence and multi-fence alarms
Sound monitoring track recording
This trailer GPS tracker with a rechargeable long-life battery can be widely used for:

Car loan business
Fleet and asset tracking companies
Car rental companies
Trucks, trailers, and other working vehicles.

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