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Ex Demo Shire Trekker Trike 3WD all electric Mobility scooter

Ex Demo Shire Trekker Trike 3WD all electric Mobility scooter

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Ex Demo Trekker Trike All Wheel Drive 

available  with only a few miles on the clock

COLOUR - Black

Suitable for Off Road and Green Laneing

Mobility or Golf 

We may some in stock - call us first  

Call   UK Tel :   01525 376916   

      Mob:   07907 136192

Please note ------> For all UK and international orders outside UK please contact us for SHIPPING COSTS 

Tel :  (44)  01525 376916          Mob:   07907 136192


The all new Trekker Trike AWD is the mobility scooter for all pavements, Roads and Off-Road too

The AWD allows the Trekker Trike  to go on dirt roads, snow, sand or regular pavement. Range is up to 50 km . If you’re looking for an awesome 3 Wheeled Scooter, this is definitely it.

The Trekker Trike allows just about anyone to enjoy the outdoors as it was meant to. The  Trekker Trike gives you balance speed and a certain ruggedness that will turn heads when you ride by. Create your own roads and don’t let anything stop you from going where you want.

Put a little bit of excitement back in to your day to day and embrace what life has to offer with the Trekker Trike




A Trekker Trike Finance Option

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Class 3
Speed Modes 1 4mph, 8mph, 16mph
Range 2 30 miles
Batteries 60V 32AH SLA
Motor Front & Rear wheel Drive
Two Motors
500W Rated
1500W Peak
Brakes Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Weight Capacity 150kg/24 Stone
Ground Clearance 170mm (unloaded)
Height 1150mm
Length 2000mm
Width 3 845mm
Tyres Front- 21″ x 7″ X 10″
Rear- 23″ x 7″ X 10″
Maximum 25 degrees
Seat Back Height 340mm
Seat Width 475mm
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